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Annandale® Timothy Hay Chaff

A specialty mono-species meadow chaff produced from dedicated single-cut Timothy Grass stands providing a natural, cool, high fibre feed option.

Annandale ® Timothy Hay Chaff is a delicious form of high quality roughage. It is high in fibre whilst being a low energy feed. Great for horses needing a high fibre diet or to balance high protein or grain feeds. Annandale Timothy Hay Chaff is produced using clean legume-free Timothy Grass, making it suitable for all horses and ponies – especially those prone to laminitis or tying up.

A typical horse needs three quarters of its diet to be fibre. Why not give it the best fibre known for horses?

Timothy Grass is a heritage grass identified and popularised by early farmers in North America for its “tonic” qualities when used as livestock forage hay. Today, Timothy grass world-over is considered the gold standard for horse chaff. Higher in fibre, and lower in protein than most grasses, Timothy grass provides an ideal feed for horses out of work or prone to laminitis, and veteran horses with low energy requirements.

  • High in fibre and low in energy.
  • Ideal for laminitis prone horses
  • Mono-species Timothy Grass chaff with no legumes ensures a cool, safe fibre feed
  • Excellent for veteran, or out of work horses
  • High in coarse  long-fibre which promotes active chewing to support healthy teeth
  • Supports digestive health, improving digestion of other feeds and grains.
  • A safe natural feed that can make up the bulk of a feed ration or be used as a supplement for horses on pasture.
  • Can be used for weight loss

Lucerne Chaff Benefits

Typical Analysis

Dry Matter


Digestible Energy

9.8 MJ/kg

Crude Protein


Fibre (NDF)




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