We are Growers

We work the land and process our crops into all-natural stockfeed. Careful management from farm to stable ensures nutrient rich feed packed with the power of nature. And nothing else.

It’s our belief that your livestock should eat the things nature intended, which is why all our products are forage based fibre. Whether you are feeding to ruminants, or hind-gut fermenters, you can use our Fibre range to reduce the reliance on grain based feeds.

Our passion for taking care of the land extends through everything we do. Our demanding standards for our crops and harvest ensures a quality in the end product that is hard to consistently rival.

Natural Fibre = healthy hind-gut = happiness


Chaff probably doesn’t need an introduction. While most are familiar with this fine chopped hay or straw, predominantly used as horse fodder, it is important to understand the place this product has in your feed shed.

Horses are hind-gut fermenters. This means they digest fibre. All the millions of micro-organisms in your horse’s hindgut digest the fibre content of their feed, creating and maintaining a delicate balance. A healthy hid-gut generally means a healthy horse. To put this in perspective, a typical horse may require as much as 75% of its diet to be fibre.

This is where quality chaff shines. It is not only providing nutrients, it is providing the bulk of your horse’s crucial fibre requirements.

Our Crops

We purpose-grow our forage crops for the manufacture of our Fibre range. Our management of the growing and harvesting of these crops ensures we can guarantee the quality of hay used to produce our end products.

A holistic approach with our crops means we take the best care of the land we can, while producing nutrient dense forage. This gives you the confidence that our products have immediate traceability to their source. When you buy from us, we didn’t just chop it up. We grew it.