We make feeding fibre easy

With our selection of natural additive-free Chaff, you can be sure your horse is getting the right feed specific to their needs.

We are committed to optimising the nutritional value of our products.  They are ALL natural, no molasses, and are FREE from additives.  Our innovative chaff process is unique to New Zealand and allows us to make chaff products that are higher in digestibility and greater value for money.  Lucerne Chaff, Timothy Hay Chaff and Meadow Hay Chaff are some of the great fibre feeds available. 

Annandale Lucerne Chaff

A high energy chaff for ideal for performance horses in work

Annandale Timothy Hay Chaff

A fine endophyte-free chaff ideal for laminitic prone horsesĀ 

Annandale Meadow Hay Chaff

A multi-species equine pasture mix for a balanced fibre