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Annandale® Meadow Hay Chaff

A fine meadow chaff produced from horse friendly pastures providing a safe natural feed as the bulk of a feed ration or as a supplement for horses on pasture.  A High Fibre Feeding option.

Annandale ® Meadow Hay Chaff is ideal for maintaining the health and wellbeing of your horse.  A delicious ALL natural form of high quality roughage.  It is high in fibre whilst being a low energy feed. Great for horses needing a high fibre diet and horses fed a lot of grain.

Annandale’s Meadow Hay Chaff is lower in protein, energy and sugar than many other alternative fibre sources.  These key nutritional characteristics make it the ideal fibre choice for: Good doers, excitable horses, horses that are spelling or in light work, those prone to tying-up.

Multi-species mixes using heritage grasses support a horse’s foraging nature by mimicking the prairie

Annandale  ® Meadow Hay Chaff is multi-species product made up of a unique blend of horse friendly, endophyte free grasses and legumes. A base of Cocksfoot Grass, with Timothy as a secondary grass, is complimented by legumes of Red Clover, and traces of Lucerne. In addition, small volumes of Chicory and Plantain are included for improved mineral and vitamin uptake. The benefits of feeding a multi-species meadow mix should not be overlooked:

  • High in fibre and low in energy
  • Multi-species chaff supports a horses natural foraging habit to ensure a variety of fibres are present in the gut
  • Equine pasture mixes with the benefits of legumes provide a more balanced fibre
  • Supports digestive health, improving digestion of other feeds and grains.
  • A safe natural feed that can make up the bulk of a feed ration or be used as a supplement for horses on pasture
  • Can aid in weight loss

Meadow Hay Chaff Benefits

Typical Analysis

Dry Matter


Digestible Energy

7.3 MJ/kg

Crude Protein


Fibre (NDF)




Non-fibre Carbohydrates


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